How You Move Forward in Matrix?

Ai run the whole Algorithm and moves you forward in system

A complex Matrix Algorithm made easy to understand by AI.

  • You can enter anywhere between positions 08 to 15. (for example if your at position 08)
  • As you move forward in the matrix , you keep on earning at every step.

Position example

You will move from position 8 to position 4 in the matrix.

Will you earn something when you move from outer layer to inner layer?

"Yes" Your earning starts from very 1st step and your 1st payout of 5% will be released.


Further you move from position 4 to position 2

Definitely question comes in mind , am i earning something?

Offcourse "yes" you will get your 2nd payout for moving from position 4 to position 2 and your 2nd payout of 10% will be released


In Next step you reach to the centre position !

When you reach in the centre of the matrix you will get 3rd payout of 15%.

Also anywhere in the outer layer from position (8 to 15) if 2 new guests enter another 20% payout will be generated.


Now its time to Break the Matrix !

Balance 50% payout will be generated when all positions in the outer layer of the will be filled. And system will move you to the next level.